The Cold Brew difference

Why Cold Brew?

Less acidic, a study made by Toddy indicates that cold brew is 50-67% less acid than regular brewed coffee. This is not to say that acidity is a bad thing, some people like the flavor brought by acidity, but it can also be harmful to your teeth and stomach.

A more favorable choice for those with heartburn, but still love their coffee

More antioxidants, recent studies show that green coffee beans contain many antioxidants, the problem is that high-temperature exposure destroys many of these antioxidants, so, between the roasting process and hot brewing, most of the benefits of coffee are lost.

Cold Brewing does not destroy these antioxidants so it remains a healthier beverage.

Sweetness, cold brew is naturally sweeter than its hot counterpart, this is because of the less acidity contained, this way people who like to sweeten their coffee will not have to do it or will need less sugar to do so, thus making it a lighter and healthier drink.

Convenience, cold brew may take a long time to brew, but after you brew a batch it can stay in your fridge for up to 10 days and remain fresh tasting, so if you like to have your coffee without the hassle of having to brew it every day, just brew it before the start of the week and you’re set.

Versatility, a great thing about cold brew is that because of its stability in flavor and body, it can be used in many recipes such as alcoholic cocktails, drinks without alcohol, ice cream and even cakes.

Scoops Cafe - Cold Brew Facts infographic

Scoops cold brews their Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea Co. freshly ground coffee over 24 hours for that slightly sweet, crisp and refreshing cold brew goodness.

Vermont Artisan Coffe & Tea Co. logo at Scoops Cafe

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