Packages have arrived at Scoops

Packages have started to arrive at Scoops, and we’re so thrilled to be helping this holiday season. Package owners have been contacted, so make sure you remember your photo ID.


Scoops - Packages have arrived!

How are we out-smarting the porch pirates? Scoops is accepting package deliveries in your name, for you to pick up at a time convenient for you.

  1. Set your delivery address to: Your Name c/o Scoops. 493 Springfield St. Feeding Hills, MA 01030
  2. Give us a call (413) 301-4123 or email and let us know you’ve got a package coming to us
  3. We’ll call you (along with your normal package delivered notifications) that your package has arrived
  4. Bring your photo ID and pick up your package on your time.

Safe. Secure. Free.

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