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Preheat Your Cup

Those who let their coffee go cold will be glad to know that preheating the cup or mug preps it to maintain the ideal temperature of the brew for a longer time. At Scoops we keep our house mugs at the ideal temperature and our to-go hot cups are kept warm for your convenience, too!


Coffee brewing fanatics know the value of preheating a carafe to make sure that the temperature stays at 195F to 205F, to effectively bring out the flavors of the coffee beans.


To do this for your mug, simply fill it with boiling water. Let the hot water sit for about a minute and let the temperature spread throughout the cup, when the liquid cools down, empty it out and pour in your hot, delicious coffee.


The best thing about this little hack – it doesn’t affect the taste of your brew at all.

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  • Mary Raffenetti says:

    You guys are AWESOME!!! Just saw the piece on channel 40 about how you are helping people out so I looked up where you are located and now will make sure I visit your store!!!

    Happy Holidays!!!

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