You had me at coffee milkshake

Scoops Cafe - Mocha Coffee Milkshake

Coffee milkshake is every adult’s favorite milkshake. Made with our Vermont Artisan’s fresh brewed iced coffee and ice cream, this delicious milkshake is perfect for the grown ups who want a little treat. Made with freshly brewed & chilled coffee, chocolate soft serve, a little chocolate decadence and finished with whipped cream.

We can’t have enough milkshakes at Scoops and are adding new ones every now and then. From classics such as vanilla milkshake to more flavored ones like the seasonal Peppermint Stick milkshake and cookies & cream for chocolate lovers, we have all the milkshakes you could ever want!


Available in store, or order online and pick up


Scoops Cafe - Mocha Coffee Milkshake

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