Affogato – you can make at home!

What is an Affogato?

Affogato is an Italian-based coffee dessert that refers to a scoop of gelato or ice cream that has a shot of hot espresso poured over it.


With our travels to Italy currently on pause, we wanted you to have a recipe to make the very best affogato at home. If you like the sound of sweet and creamy ice cream mingling with the strong flavor of espresso, an affogato is the treat for you.


When you’re at a coffee shop, ordering an affogato style coffee refers to the espresso being “poured over” the drink (added last) rather than the milk poured over the espresso.


As for the ratio of ice cream to espresso, a classic affogato is made with two scoops of ice cream to one shot of espresso. But when you’re making it at home, this ratio is flexible, and can easily be adjusted based on who you’re serving.



Scoops cafe - affogato recipe photo


It’s a very simple recipe, which is only improved upon with the best espresso and creamy, delicious ice cream. At Scoops you can customize your ice cream with selections from our extensive ice cream range, but we highly recommend coffee or vanilla soft serve.


Scoops Affogato - chocolate ice cream

Scoops Affogato Recipe

  1. Scoop a generous amount of ice cream into a small bowl or cup, typically vanilla – you can use your favorite flavor
  2. Pour over your favorite espresso
  3. Devour

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